Karen Calder Yoga

Karen has practiced Iyengar Yoga exclusively since 2000 and gained her teaching certificate in 2009. She is currently studying for Senior assessments and holds Junior 3 certificate. She studies regularly with her Senior teacher Judith Van Dop and has attended workshops with both Geeta, Prashant and Abbijhita Iyengar at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, India.

Karen also has a BSc Hons in Psychology and a diploma in Art and Design. She says ‘Although neither subject would seem to have much to do with yoga, I have found that both contribute deeply to the way I approach my practice and my classes. I always enjoyed life-drawing and I think it helps me see the shapes within the shapes in the yoga poses.’

Karen lives in Cornwall with her partner Sal and two of her 6 children. Her hobbies are walking, gardening, reading, watching live-music and dancing.