Notable Tours

Excursions, experiences and entertainment throughout New Zealand.

Andrew London is a full time entertainer based in Otaki on New Zealand’s Kapiti Coast. He has performed throughout Australasia with several groups over the last 20 years, being adept at a variety of musical genres from country and folk to jazz and blues. His specialty, however, is musical comedy and satire, and his quirky original songs are increasingly insinuating themselves into Kiwi culture.

Notable Tours has been a natural progression from the annual pilgrimages to Norfolk Island we have made over the last few years.

Many of those who accompanied us on these trips have expressed an interest in other destinations that combine travel and music, and with overseas travel severely limited at the moment, the time was right for us to organise some package tours to a few select local destinations.

We hosted our first Notable Tour to Martinborough in November 2020, and quickly realised we needed some help on the ground.

Luckily our mates Mel and Geoff Warwick were on the tour (as paying guests!) and didn’t mind stepping in to give us a hand. The four of us quickly formed a partnership, and took 45 intrepid souls to Whanganui in February 2021, followed up by a three day sojourn in beautiful Hawkes Bay.