For all your temporary traffic management training and compliance needs.

Owned by David and Jill Roberts, we are a friendly, knowledgeable and adaptable TTM training and services provider.

We take the time to understand the risks and challenges you face in your temporary traffic management roles. This means we are better able to focus training and support relevant to your business needs.

David is our NZTA-accredited trainer, TMP Planner, and is a qualified L2/3 STMS(NP).

David brings 30+ years experience in training and consulting across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, along with broad experience in business and project management, organizational change and process delivery.

Jill is well known in the Temporary Traffic Management training industry through her 13+ years’ experience, and the relationships she has established across all types of business.

With this wealth of skills and understanding, Jill recently joined us at TTM Training and Compliance as Training & Finance Manager.